By becoming a Preferred Customer (for free) and then going through my portal to place your order with partner stores like Macy's, Walmart, AutoZone, Barnes & Noble, or Shindigz you will be able to save money, receive cash back, and/or free shipping.  Each partner has their own contract, so the incentives vary.  You'll have a shopping choice of literally thousands of partner stores.  Find just what you want from the millions of products and services offered.

You can use coupons and online deals to save more money.  When you refer friends and family (for free) and they place an order, you will then receive a percentage of their purchase in your cashback account.  Use your cashback money for products, travel, gift cards, etc.  Again, each partner store offers their own cashback deal, but you can earn as much as 50% cash back.

It is my goal to help you save and earn the most money possible.  In these belt-tightening times, it is prudent to shop smartly and economically.  You're going to be buying necessities anyway, so why not do it online where you can shop hassle-free in the comfort and security of your home (on a secure shopping site that burns no gasoline).  Millionaires didn't get rich by wasting their money.  Let's earn when we shop; let's save when we shop; let's shop the way of the future ... now.

Follow these easy steps to become a (free) Preferred Customer:

1.  Go to

2.  In the upper right-hand corner, click on "sign in"

3.  Enter your email address where it asks for it on the left side and then click on "create account"

4.  Fill in the information blocks with name, email address, mailing address, password you created, and phone number.  Please enter "" as the friend referring you.  Decide whether you want to receive email offers, click box that you agree to the terms, and then click on "create an account" link.

5.  Take time to click on the links and get used to the portal.  There are so many possibilities that at first it may be somewhat overwhelming.  But the more you use it to save and earn money, the easier it becomes.  Soon it will be second nature and you'll wonder why everyone doesn't shop like this.  Enjoy the experience.  Don't hesitate to contact me should you need assistance or have questions.